Jimmy John’s and Noncompete Agreements

I am not sure if you remember your first day on the job, you were given endless piles of paperwork to read, sign, initial, and date.  You were excited to get to work and show them that you are a good worker and you did all of this without really reading any of it.  Beware, one of those papers might have been a noncompete contract between you and your employer.

The New York Attorney General, Eric T. Schneiderman is sending letters to Jimmy John’s Sandwich Shops to inquire about employees signing noncompete agreements as part of their hiring process [Huffington Post, 12/23/14].

Noncompete agreements are typically sign as part of the hiring process outlining that if the employee ends their employment with the company, they must wait a certain amount of time before working in the particular industry again.  This is to combat workers from taking contacts or their market knowledge and compete against their present employer.

Now Jimmy John’s noncomplete agreements are preying on young undereducated workers that do not realize nor will remember that they signed a noncompete contract that would eliminate them from working within a 10 mile radius in a sandwich selling industry for 2 years.  For a position just a little above minimum wage and in an industry that is brand loyal, this is rather ridiculous.

2 thoughts on “Jimmy John’s and Noncompete Agreements

  1. I hope the lawyer has fun gathering info about this. While sandwich makers may have their hands tied getting a job at subway I have just one question. Can they make a BLT at their house after work?

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