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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year and Welcome to 2015

Now is the time to create and stick to your new years resolutions.

  • Maybe one of them can be maxing out your Roth IRA or Traditional IRA contribution.  It would only cost you about $458.33 per month to reach the $5,500 limit if you are under the age of 50. Remember, you have until April, 2015 to make contributions for the 2014 tax year if you need too.
  • If that is too easy, maybe you should add 10% to every mortgage payment you make this year.
  • Adjust your portfolio asset allocation.  It has been more than half a decade since the Great Recession and seeing the stock market loose 50% of its value.  You should look into adding more US and International Bonds to your portfolios now to add stability, especially if you are going to retire anytime soon.
  • Think of a vacation you want to go on and start setting aside money every paycheck to meet the goal.

There are plenty of things you can accomplish this year.  Now seize the day you have off, and get it done!

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