What Happened to Twitter and Facebook?

Over the last couple months, I have not heard of Twitter or Facebook in an investing standpoint.  I continue to hear people say, “Follow me on twitter” and “Like me on Facebook,”  but I am not hearing, “how’s your Twitter stock doing after the IPO?” or “I’m getting rich off of Facebook right now!”

Looking back, I did really hear any bad news from the two of them.  Looking at their charts, FB and TWTR have been slowly declining and running out of steam.

FB Jan15
Facebook (FB) 1 year look back as of 1/15/15
TWTR Jan15
Twitter (TWTR) 1 year look back as of 1/15/15

The volume of these seem to have been declining since October 2014.  Maybe this is a great time to buy these two stock, especially after this week long dip and decline since the the start of 2015.

I would recommend this as a buy.  People are still using Twitter and Facebook just like before and I don’t see this such a declining societal fad.  Facebook and Twitter are two great social media outlets that allow people and advertisers to interact and fully customize their experience.  They are also aware of the past social media networks and how they failed and dropped off the face of the earth.

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