Personal Capital – A Review

Personal Capital is a personal finance tracker that is available on your smart phone (iOS, Android) and computer.

Personal Capital's web-based dashboard page.
Personal Capital’s web-based dashboard page.

I have used Personal Capital for several months now.  I have found it very easy and its layout is straight forward.  I have not found it useful for budget tracking, but for net worth tracking.  It syncs automatically and grabs information from all of your financial institutions.  One feature I do like the most is that they track your “personal index.”  This is your net worth and how it is growing over time.  It also tracks your asset allocation through all of your portfolios.  This is helpful to quickly calculate where you need invest to get to your proper allocation.

Personal Capital's Mobile Dashboard.
Personal Capital’s Mobile Dashboard.

Please go ahead and check Personal Capital out and let me know how you use it!

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