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Superbowl Picks!

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Did you make your picks for the super bowl, yet?  I just have an account on, where I just play with fake money.  I have like $2.00 in this account, so it is not much. I made my picks today after some debating over the last couple days.

For the score of the game, I could choose between over or under 47.5.  I choose over.  We are looking at 24 points each for a close game.  I think that is plenty.  The Seahawks and the Patriots are both known for their offensive capability.  Bill Belichick and Pete Carroll are known to be creative offensively and three touchdowns in four quarters should be easy for each team.

For a straight moneyline bet, I choose the New England Patriots.  Honestly, I think it will be a very close game and should be more fun to watch than last year.  I am cheering for the Seattle Seahawks to win, but I am betting against them to hedge my feelings.  I don’t know if this is a great idea.  If the Seahawks win, I feel good about it, but I loose my money.  If the Patriots win, I won’t feel good about it, but I will earn some money.

I can’t wait until game time!

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