I came across two really powerful rental property tips when showing your rental property:

  1. Book people at the same time.
  2. Require the potential tenant(s) to call you one hour before the showing.

In doing this two tips, you demonstrate that there are other people looking at the apartment and also it eliminates no-shows, which waste your time and money.

When you show the apartment to several people at the same time, they might feel forced to make a decision.  They might feel like they have to put in an application anyways.  They might feel like it is a wanted and hot commodity and will jump for it.  This is all stuff you want for your rental property.

You can require the potential tenants to call you one hour before the showing to see if the apartment is still available for the showing, because it is a hot item.  People also like to interact with their potential landlord, and if you value your and their time, you are definitely better off.  Think about it as a pre-screen.

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