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Big Changes Coming

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Over the next couple of months, will change.  I plan on having the following changes implemented by Thanksgiving:

First, I will be incorporating more graphs and plots of interesting financial data.   I am in the process of implementing a tool that will make this easy and quick for me.

Second, I will be adding more analysis tools and calculators.   This is to add a unique value to this site.  I want to make this a great resource to get what you need to make financial decisions.

Third, I plan on partnering with several other sites to grow and share information.  I realize that I am not alone in this space and that other people’s opinions, advice, and tools, might be better than mine.

Anyways, please be excited for the change.  Hopefully, this weekend will be a productive time for me to get these updates through.  Please feel free to ask me any questions or provide me with any feedback you wish.

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