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Save Money using SaveYa

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Save money shopping onlineWith the holidays in full swing, I have found a way to save money shopping online.  I am using this new strategy where I can save anywhere between 3% to 25% by buying unwanted gift cards.  Using a site like, allows you to save immediately on top on coupons for a purchase you were already planning.

The Strategy of Saving Money with SaveYa:

This is how this strategy works:

  1. Visit your online retailers and place your wanted items in your shopping cart.  Note that total amount.
  2. Go to and search for the online retailer that you were shopping at.  Search for gift cards from major retailers like Victoria’s Secret, Best Buy, Brook Brothers, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Walmart.  You’ll find gift cards that can be purchased at a discount.
  3. Purchase the gift card that suits your needs and SaveYa processes the order right away.  You receive the gift card code right away And are able to use it immediately.
  4. Return to your shopping cart and enter the newly acquired gift card.

Buying gift cards from SaveYa and saving at the popular retailers every time you shop online is a great strategy.

I wished I have used this strategy when I was purchasing gifts from the Crate & Barrel and Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registries.  My girlfriend and I spent about $400 on gifts this summer from those two places   If I had purchased gift cards from SaveYa at a discount, I could have saved my at least $20 or 5%.

To fund this transaction, you can also sell some unwanted gift cards to SaveYa as well.  This reminds me of when my brother used to give me a $40 Giftcard to the expensive outdoor retailer, Patagonia.  Upon looking at their online website, I could not buy anything on their site beside socks with that gift card.  Then, I came across SaveYa.  I was able to sell my gift card for about $35 and purchase another gift card from a different retailer or take the cash.  I opted for turning the gift card to cash since I didn’t need anything at the movement.

Following this strategy and trading in the gift cards you don’t want can help you save money allowing you to stay under your budget.

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