Investing Mistakes: Investing With Your Heart Instead of Your Head

“Sentimental” investments are a mistake. You shouldn’t buy or maintain a property, land, a lot, the shares of a certain company, etc. just because they remind you in some way of some deceased ancestor.

Memories and feelings do not depend on material things and do not disappear when selling them. Period.

Anyone wants their heirs to live the best they can and be happy, not to keep or buy certain properties at the cost of worsening their living conditions, facing a number of problems for a long time, etc.

Your ancestor cares about your financial health infinitely more than that property, that land or those actions, however much you like these material assets. If your grandfather, your father, etc. had to choose between you and anything material, he would certainly choose you. So don’t mortgage, worsen or stagnate your life for any material thing for memories that you’ve associated with it.

There are cases of people with a very important patrimony to whom maintaining a “sentimental” investment is not the least disruption in their life, and in these cases it is okay to maintain that property if you wish.
But if the market price of that property is important to you and staying connected to it has no economic logic, it is not doing any good to anyone and you’re only hurting yourself.

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