10 Tips For Renovating Your Home For Little Money

It is indeed possible to do small remodeling jobs that bring great improvements to your home with little effort and without putting a huge dent in your pocket. Vinyl coatings, anti-humidity paint, lining the kitchen furniture with glitter or matte vinyl, or painting the walls of the bathroom with synthetic enamels

1.- Before beginning however, strengths and weaknesses of your house must be analyzed. Issues such as insulation, conduits, or lighting require special attention. To do this, it’s necessary to prepare a concrete project that fits perfectly to your needs and budget, and thus precluding mistakes in underbudgeting. In case you discover that undertaking the task by yourself will put you overbudget,you should to ask for help from a professional. Request a detailed budget from several professionals and compare prices. You may end up saving money in the end.

2.Materials exist that facilitate the remodeling process as vinyl coatings, anti-humidity paint, carpet, etc… You can renovate a house without the need to face debris and endless and expensive cleanup.

Fresh paint is the ideal way to breathe new life into a house.  It can usually improve any house, regardless of its condition, giving it more light and visually expanding spaces.

3.One of the disadvantages that worries most in a second-hand home is the condition of the pipes. If these are copper or iron, you should check the current water pressure and conduct a full inspection. If pipes are visible, they can be replaced without having to lift the floor. A good solution to renew the appearance of exterior pipes may be to paint them the same color as the wall or camouflage them with a tall cabinet.

It’s also possible to restore the poor condition of pipes through solutions that don’t require replacement. The most novel is to apply a layer of special resin, covering the interior of the old pipe, creating a second pipe through which water can now circulate free of any residue.

4.Kitchen: The cabinets can be lined with glossy or matte vinyls. Specialized shops, such as Home Depot, offer a wide range of these materials which, combined with antique furniture, will completely change the aesthetics of an old kitchen. The same principle can be applied to the walls. Replacing the tiles is expensive and cumbersome. On the contrary, they can be renewed by painting them, applying a resistant paper or a special vinyl that also will cover any defect.

Other small tricks including: changing the handles of cabinets and doors, installing colorful curtains, or decorating a wall with some striking element such as a large piece of art, a clock, sculpture, or painting.

5. One of the most common and most likely remodeling jobs is the bathroom. Again, you can cut down on expenses if we tune the walls with synthetic enamels or papers and vinyls resistant to humidity. For the floors, there is a good supply of paints and coatings on the market that are easy to place on top of the tiles and imitate all types of material. They are also warmer, easier to maintain and cheaper

6. As for the toilets, if they are not broken or in bad condition, you can simply replace the lid with a more modern one, or consider applying a fresh coat of paint/caulk.

7. Windows will look like new if you sand and/or paint your frames. You can also install curtains, which in addition to changing the appearance of the room, will serve as good insulators to avoid excess heat or cold.Or try a an auto learning temperature-setting device like Nest to help manage your electricity bill.

8.Getting the proper lighting correct throughout the house goes a long way. Proper distribution of lamps and light bulbs will also help reduce electricity

9. Mirrors also play an important role in expanding a space and giving it more depth.

10.Finally, in case you need to buy materials, consider visiting demolished warehouses. They are a good source to buy doors, beams or toilets. Many builders sell materials that they have not used at a heavily discounted price as well.

Hopefully, some of the above tips were of use, and will help you get the most out of your budget while maximizing the value of your home.

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