Should You Furnish A House Or Leave It Empty?

In most cases of home sales, a home is best displayed with furniture. Looking at the fan, one floor and four empty walls, make it difficult for buyers to visualize their own belongings in the house. If buyers can not see themselves living on the property, they probably will not buy it.

Decorating the house can mean the difference between selling it or expiring the listing. Decorating it usually brings a higher price for the house; Some decorators estimate that sellers earn between 7% and 10% when the house is properly furnished. It really does not cost to furnish, pay to do it.

Furnishing a living room, like any other room in the house, is done to evoke emotions because buyers need to fall in love with the house. They buy by emotion, not by logic.

For example, look at the photo below. Spacious but not very inviting.

Now, look at the below picture. See the difference?

A few tips for decorating your home:

-Putting a mirror on the fireplace(if you have one), with candles, makes the fireplace becomes the focus of attention
-A rug under the coffee table provides quality space. Decor magazines on the table are a classic touch
-Plants breathe life, bring the outside in.
-Tones of red(or really any color other than white) on the cushions of the chair and in the vase add color and vitality. The room is alive.
-Curved shelves now contain books and trinkets. In addition, the chair, lamp and table in front of the shelves create a separate section of the room to read

Additional tips for Furnishing a Home:

– Order the trinkets in groups of 3, 5 or 7
– In flowers and pillows use touches of bright colors
– Arrange furniture in squares to create areas for conversation
– Use small sofas and chairs to make the largest room
– Positions in the right places mirrors because they add depth and dimension
– Do not block the windows, let the light
– Plug lights to illuminate dark corners

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