Words of Wisdom by Warren Buffett

warren buffet rules

Many of us like the idea of ​​investing in the stock market and making money and wanting to earn as much as we can.

Do we really think we can do better than Mr. Buffett by following our own strategy?

For those of us who do not mind learning from the Wizard of Omaha, any pearl of information we get can give us clues as to how he’s done it. Mr. Buffett has many more of these pearls, including the following:

  • Never lose money.
  • Never forget rule number one.
  • It is much better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a medium-sized company at a wonderful price.
  • Speaking of both stock and socks, he likes to buy quality at a discounted price.
  • The price is what you pay for and the value is what you get.
  • It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.
  • Liquidity combined with courage in a crisis is priceless.
  • Never invest in a business you do not understand.
  • Just buy something that you would be happy to keep if the market closed for ten years.
  • One is sitting under the shadow of a tree that someone sowed long ago.
  • The risk comes from not knowing what is being done.
  • If you would not feel comfortable keeping an investment for ten years, do not buy it for ten minutes.
  • If a business goes well, the stock price will finally follow.
  • It is predictable that people are full of greed, fear and stupidity.The problem is that its sequence is not predictable.

Words to live by for investing.

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