The most famous hackers in the world.

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In the wake of WannaCry, one of the biggest hacking ransomware cases in the past decade, I thought it’d be good to provide a little education. These are some of the most famous hackers and their cases seem to be drawn from an action story. Know who they are and what they did to appear on this list.

The word ‘hacker’ usually has a contemptuous or negative connotation, because it is related to illegal actions or to a cybercrime. There are other names to mention those who use their knowledge for malicious purposes, such as ‘hackers’ or ‘black hat hackers’.

However, those who use their skills for the purpose of helping and developing more advanced security systems are known as ‘white hat hackers’.

The truth is that in today’s world, where information technologies advance at high speeds, it is more common to see cyber attacks.

Then, we share the top 10 hackers in the world, describing, of course, the ‘exploits’ that launched them to popularity, according to publications of the Spanish newspaper El Mundo and the British Telegraph.

1. Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev

Located at the top of the list of the world’s most wanted cybercriminals, this Russian is the creator of the Game Over Zeus virus that has infected more than a million computers around the world with the aim of attacking small businesses.

In addition to Game Over Zeus, he is also credited with creating CryptoLocker, a file encryption system used to extract bailout payments to several thousands of extortioners, according to the FBI and the US State Department. For these estates Bogachev would be the leader of a gang of cybercriminals in Russia and Ukraine. Any information that can be offered and facilitated by detention is rewarded with three million dollars.

2. Nicolae Popescu

The number two of the list of the most wanted computer criminals on the planet is this Romanian who is considered the ringleader of a scam plot worldwide through the insertion of fake ads on auction websites that, after being awarded , Never reached the winners.

Despite having stepped on the heels in a macro operation that supposed to dismantle his band in 2012 – seized several hundred thousand dollars, weapons and luxury cars – he managed to escape and now the FBI offers one million dollars for a clue that helps to stop him.

3. Kevin Mitnick

Undoubtedly one of the most famous hackers and remembered by different generations, since this American, known as ‘The Condor’, was described as “the most wanted computer criminal in history” by the US Department of Justice.

What did? Although its illegal cybernetic activity began in the decade of the 70, when it used the system of access for the buses in Los Angeles and thus to be able to travel free, was from the 80 when it gained fame, after that penetrated ultra protected systems, Such as those of Nokia and Motorola, to steal corporate secrets, even, it is known, came to hack other hackers.

‘El Cóndor’ was arrested in 1995 and his imprisonment was widely popular among the media because of the slowness of the process and the strict conditions to which he was subjected; Received a sentence of more than 5 years behind the bars.

He was released in 2002 and is now engaged in consulting and advice on security, through his company Mitnick Security. He is also an author and lecturer.

4. Michael Calce

This computer scientist began his “malicious career” hacking the largest commercial websites in the world.

Valentine’s Day 2000, just 15 years old, launched an attack that hit eBay, Amazon and Yahoo !, after which was sentenced to limited use of the Internet. How did you find out? He himself boasted of his feat in some chats and with schoolmates. He is currently working in a computer security company.

5. Soupnazi

One of the most important prison sentences that a hacker has had to face is the one that fell to Albert González after leading one of the biggest pshising attacks in history stealing 170 million bank accounts worldwide .

After being found guilty in 2008, he continues to serve 20 years in prison after being proven to be behind the massive bank robbery of personal bank information.

6. Adrian Lamo

Although a native of Boston, this hacker was known in the computer world as the ‘vagabond hacker’ because he traveled to different Internet centers (Internet cafes or libraries) to carry out his attacks “in various jurisdictions” and with the least possible exposure.

Its activity was not completely illegal, as it consisted of infiltrating the networks of different companies to find fault and report on it, such as The New York Times, Microsoft, Yahoo !, Fortune 500 and Bank of America, among others

However, in the case of the emblematic newspaper, Lamo stole information and was sentenced to six months of house arrest. Ironically, if you want to look like this, you are currently working as a journalist.

7. Vladimir Levin

The ‘services’ of this hacker without nickname focused on the theft of money. In the mid-1990s, from his flat in St. Petersburg, he stalled 10 ten million dollars to Citibank bank customers.

However, after he was forced to return the money and be sentenced to three years in jail and a fine of a quarter of a million dollars, it is speculated that Levin has gone back to work, becoming one of the most wanted Russian hackers .

8. Cracka

One of the outstanding students of the path that Mitnick and Levin opened at the time was this British teenager who, after flogging through the CIA archives, succeeded in hacking the director of the world’s most hermetic and protected institution to national alarm in U.S.

At sixteen, Cracka was able not only to reveal his private e-mails, but to access his telephone bills and reveal the identity of more than thirty thousand corps agents such as the CIA or the FBI. After becoming “the most wanted” by the US government, he was arrested a few months ago in the south of England.

9. Alexsey Belan

This young Russian who has not yet reached the age of thirty is the third most wanted cybercriminals in the United States.

Accused of hacking the systems of the world’s three largest e-commerce companies, Belan is also credited with stealing and selling databases with millions of users to other hackers across the globe.

In search and capture, and following his footsteps through Eastern Europe, Maldives and Southeast Asia, any information that leads to him is rewarded for no less than $ 100,000.

10. Ourmine

One of the most talked about groups of hackers is this group that is attributed thousands of profile thefts, mainly in social networks, and that would have led them to enter more than half a million dollars in a few months Through extortion to the victims of these robberies.

Camouflaged after a supposed “security group” that guarantees them the possibility of resuming their profiles, they would have tried to extort the CEOs of Facebook, Google or Twitter, in addition to other celebrities like El Rubius. Last year, three-member Ourmine theorists proclaimed themselves the perpetrators of a series of attacks on banks that would have stolen another half a million dollars.

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