Six Easy Ways to Make Extra Money Online

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If you’re a college student or someone looking to make money online without investments, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to show you six great ways you can make money online without getting a traditional job or making serious investments. After all, if you’re reading this, you probably don’t have money or time to invest, but do want to be productive and earn some cash with your time. These are all methods that have been tested and genuinely work. Here’s to your success.

1.Sell Stock Photos:

Everyone who’s anyone has a smartphone. And smartphone cameras just get better and better. These days, if you have a high-end phone, you should have no problem taking high quality photos. These can be uploaded to photo sites, which will pay you every time someone uses your image. The trick to making this work is first understanding what each site is looking for in terms of image quality and composition. Then you’ll want to identify categories or areas that may not be well represented on the photo site. Often a university or other public structure is a great place to start taking photos to sell.

If you’ve got friends (male or female) or know someone with a pet, you can also sell photos of them. Just make sure to get the appropriate release forms signed before posting images online for sale. Most of the time people won’t ask you to pay them – especially if you can send them a link to their photos online, and then they get to share that internet fame with their friends.

These are three of the best stock photo sites to earn money with:

2. Be a Friend for Hire:

No, seriously. There’s a site that pays people to be friends with you. It’s not a dating site or anything sketchy like that, and there are real people who rent friends. Of course, no one is really ‘renting’ a friend. What’s happening is a person new to town or who is there visiting would like to hang out with someone cool, sociable, or just generally knowledgeable of the area you live in. That person is you, and the more you get yourself rented out, the better you’ll rank on the site. Besides, you’re likely going out anyway – this just gets you paid for it, which is a winning situation for everyone involved.

So far there’s only one rent a friend site, and this is it:

3.Sell Class Notes and College Papers:

Most of the time note taking and writing college papers are not considered an enjoyable or profitable activity. Selling them online is usually looked at negatively, largely due to plagiarism sites and cheat sites that write papers for students. While we don’t recommend down that rabbit hole, you can make decent money selling class notes and papers.

In fact, selling class notes is actually supported by a number of universities around the world – the University of California, San Diego being one. Notes can help someone get ahead when they are just not good at taking notes. Likewise, seeing how another person researched and wrote a class paper can give insights and inspirations to someone and help them get started writing their own. Of course, it is wise to check with your university or college before offering notes and papers for sale.

Even then, unless you have a university sanctioned program, we still recommend erring on the side of caution, and registering privately on these sites. While your professor may be an expert in biology or literature, he or she may not agree with online notes and papers being useful tools, in much the same way your early school teachers didn’t think calculators were a good idea.

Here you’ll find two sites that will pay you for good notes and papers:

4.Become a Web Site Tester:

Everyone has been to that one awful website. You know, the one that’s impossible to navigate, has broken links, and leaves you wishing you’d been pretty much anywhere else that day. Likewise, we’ve all been to great sites that are easy to navigate and meet or exceed our expectations. These sites, both good and bad, are the result of designers either paying attention to or ignoring the User Experience (UX). Because bad web sites cost people money, and designers are almost always too close to their projects to see every flaw, people are hired to test sites and give meaningful feedback.

Some gigs of course pay better than others, but if you were already surfing the internet and looking for ways to make money online, the time you spent reading articles like this could be spent earning money testing site usability.

Below are three places you can earn money testing websites:

5.Sign Up For Cashback For Shopping Online:

There’s no doubt that the majority of us shop online more frequently than at physical stores, especially for large purchases. With so many websites competing for business, the best deals can always been found online, and fortunately that’s also where the best cashback offers can be had. However, even with small purchases through big retailers like Amazon and eBay, you can still earn up to 5% back, saving a chunk off your total spend. Read how I made £521 ($660) through cashback sites and you’ll see that every little helps and it all adds up.

6.Take an Online Survey:

There are thousands of online survey sites out there, but few of them pay or perform the way they claim to. Also, most of them don’t work outside of certain geographic regions. In part because household incomes tend to be drastically higher in the UK, as opposed to many other countries. This means people looking for survey information are only interested in targeting specific high profit regions, and an age or ethnic demographic relevant to their product.

Below we’ve listed several survey sites where you can make money. However, to make that money you’ll want to be honest when filling out their questionnaires, and make sure you are only logging into the site from approved regions. In other words, if you’re a foreign student from Kyrgyzstan studying in London, you’ll want to stay off the survey sites while visiting home, or you could be banned or blacklisted. Otherwise, be honest and direct, and you’ll make some extra cash.

Below are three of the most popular online survey sites that pay:

These are just six different ways you can make money online. We’ve got other ways too, and would love to share them with you. Let us know in the comments section below when you’re ready to learn more about how to make money online.

This article was written by Julie Cheung aka Finance Girl, a personal finance blogger based in Manchester, UK.

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