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Tech firms are not only the most valuable, they also position themselves as outstanding employers who reward their workers well.

If paying high salaries is an indicator of identifying a good company, it is clear that the technology sector leads the rankings. This industry has not only become aspirational for the millennial generation, which has grown up with cell phones in hand, but is also one of the most striving to recruit highly qualified professionals, with perks such as food, education and entertainment within its own facilities. You don;t even have to leave the office (this is a good thing, right?)

A study by Forbes and the World Economic Forum argues that “while wages are not strictly the first thing to be taken into account when choosing a business – they influence the work environment, the options for professional growth, and international experience, just to name a few – still 80% of the workforce globally has as its main motivation, surprise surprise, a high salary.

The study also listed the 8 multinationals with the highest average monthly compensation. These are the ones that pay the best.

1. Facebook. Not only is it the largest social network in the world, but also the company that best compensates its employees, with a monthly average of $8,000. Not to mention other benefits such as transportation, food and housing. It has about 17,000 workers.

2. Microsoft. This company, which owns more than 90% of the world’s computer operating systems, ranks second, with an average salary of  $7,100, to which must be added the availability of a network of contacts that favor internal promotion.

3. Exxon. Despite the competition from biofuels and the fall in oil prices, oil companies continue to weigh on high salary scales. At Exxon, employees receive $6,507 on average and their additional appeal lies in the possibilities for internal development.

4. Salesforce. This technology gives an average monthly compensation of $6,450 to its workers, who also receive six paid days a year to dedicate to voluntary activities, as well as $1,000 annually to donate to a charity of their choice.

5. Amazon. Its employees charge an average of $6,400 per month and have the advantage of obtaining special discounts on the thousands of products that this e-commerce giant sells. In addition, the company prides itself on the privileged location of its work centers around the world.

6. Apple. With $6,400 per month, it ranks fifth in the ranking and, unlike other technology companies that are full of millennials playing ping pong or video games, one of the things that stands out from Apple is that it hires people with more experience and very intelligent , Which is attractive to those who want to learn.

7. Bloomberg. This means of communication specializing in financial analysis also pays well, with an average of $6,400. It also provides access to cultural institutions and even subsistence allowances for all its employees.

8.Yelp. It is a portal of recommendations. The average salary is also $6,400 and their employees not only receive free food, but can also listen to music permanently and even have karaoke for the hours of rest.

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