The Blockchain Revolution is far Superior to Bitcoin

Most of the public in general associates Blockchain with crypto-currencies. But the central idea of a blockchain, distributed accounting, has many application from the distribution of energy, computer security, land ownership etc..that all depend on the reliability and integrity of information.

Every few months, new applications are discovered for this visionary, innovative and disruptive protocol that Satoshi Nakamoto released. Now comes another new and disruptive utility for the versatile Blockchain, which will make an essential contribution to put the latest technology in the palm of your hand.

From open-source and the collaborative economy to the commerce-chain

Just a few decades ago, in the heat of initiatives such as Linus Torvalds’ Linux, we could see how open-source and free software took advantage in many battlefields against commercial and proprietary software. A trend that has changed the face of an entire sector of software development and commercialization was inaugurated, which will never be the same again.

Subsequently, the proliferation of start-ups has come, many of them from open source software, and also from the appli cation and mobilization of our lives. In this process we have gone on to acquire micro-software in the form of applications, or even free of charge (generally in exchange for our data). And from the hand of these ubiquitous applications, numerous collaborative services have also emerged.

With these new forms of Blockchain application, we are still one step further, as it could not be otherwise in this world of exponential progress, and the collaborative economy and Blockchain now combine to give birth to a new way of creating products and services. The first component of this “commerce-chain” is going to be technology, and more specifically Artificial Intelligence (or AI). This is undoubtedly one of the great future technologies of that Revolution 4.0 that is inevitably reaching almost all economic sectors.

Artificial Intelligence was dying of success…until the commerce-chain arrived

One of the main limitations of this technology is the availability of experts. And do not think that this is just a small setback, it is really a great hindrance to the progress of our socioeconomies in the short term, and in the long term as well. Take into account the extreme potential that this technology will have on our world. That is why the commerce-chain is key to the current moment of our progress.

After this introduction, you may be asking: But what exactly is a commerce-chain? Well, I will explain it to you, to begin with, it is a term that I have coined, as I have done on other occasions, and it refers to a new form of commercial interaction between socioeconomic elements. Don’t worry, I’ll explain it in a more illustrative way.

What we call Artificial Intelligence is not usually a monolithic commercial software suite, but usually a set of multiple small and large pieces of software. This software has very specific functions in each case, such as the recognition of the voice commands that you dictate to your smartphone, or the recognition of images and real-world objects by an industrial robot. The Artificial Intelligence software is composed of as many pieces of software of the same intelligence but with more specific functionalities, and it is this point that makes many of those little pieces of software the same in very diverse products that leverage Artificial Intelligence.

This fact opens the great door of the reuse of software in AI on a global scale, although it is something complicated to achieve because Artificial Intelligence is subject to tremendous amounts of competitiveness in the sector, it is the basis of many commercial proprietary products, and has a cost quite high given the shortage of professionals and their very high salaries. Therefore, you would think that many companies would be reluctant to share their code. But the objective is clear, and it comes because every company or organization that intends to put a new Artificial Intelligence solution on the market has to develop a large part of the components that someone has already developed elsewhere.

This supposes an absolute waste of socioeconomic resources, especially with the stratospheric salaries of the sub-sector and … above all because the shortage of professionals that brings an important limitation and even impossibility to develop and adopt this technology in our companies and societies.

But of course, there is the difficulty of how to facilitate this exchange between programmers and entrepreneurs. And all in an environment that, given the high competitiveness and confidentiality of many developments, requires a large dose of reliability between the parties.


stay tuned for part 2 of this series…

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