The Last Crazy Idea of ​​the United Kingdom: Brexit without Brexit

The news of a shocked Europe post Brexit has lost momentum over time. European citizens have been in the process of eagerly awaiting the outcome of the drama. Many are already informally saturated with the subject. But that they are somewhat fed up with the perennial subject does not detract even one bit from its gravity, nor from the fact that many will suffer the collateral damages.

And now this. The British want a Brexit…without Brexit. We should not be surprised by this news.

The British massively and unitarily chose democratic suicide in the form of divorce from Europe, and the markets suffered a setback that we had predicted in detail.  Later, those responsible for the disaster disappeared from the political front line. As if it was not enough that the Brexit campaign was marked by bots, foreign propaganda and planned misinformation, which was even reported in the US senate.

No, all this was not enough, and every day the British politicians and negotiators make a new display of their ability to improvise ideas happy and new occurrences.

After the threats of the “Hard Brexit,” now comes the “Brexit without Brexit”

The most frequent readers of these lines already know about our position on the massive screw-up that Brexit represents for the economy of the United Kingdom. This evolution more has been the result of resorting to a bargaining tool that does nothing but show how desperate behind the scenes behind the British leaders are.

Personally, I feel that this erratic and improvised driving style reminds me of a car driving on the highway that’s swerving from side to side in the face of an oncoming truck. It lurches like a visceral reflex, trying to find an exit that does not exist, but I’m afraid that those lurches will not help you to avoid the collision. The only way to avoid the inevitable in these cases is to be quick, to know that you have to back off, maneuver with time, and get moving in the same direction as the great convoy that was going to overwhelm you.

And the latest news that comes to us from Downing Street is one more of those lurches and those many improvised occurrences. Once again, they have done it again, surpassing the dimensions of absurdity previously conquered.

How did we get here to propose another absurd idea?

The origin of this new idea comes from the fact that they are already feeling physically cornered. We all know how Trump always has felt very little sympathy (to put it mildly) for the idea of ​​a united Europe. And he has done so by bringing out, as a consolation prize, the idea of ​​a commercial treaty between the United Kingdom and the United States that compensates for the disaster of Europe’s divorce.

Anyway, the vital point for London around Brexit is that they do not want to go back to the dark times of a divided and bloody border with Ireland.

But the question that has arisen in the most seasoned minds has been that how could someone raise the conjugation of an almost non-existent border in Northern Ireland with a commercial treaty with the United States. In reality, that would end up turning that border into a nest of legal smugglers, and into a continuous flow of “made in USA” merchandise (and vice versa) that would not pay the necessary tariffs created by Trump. Trying to impose commercial legality on that border would be like trying to catch water with a bag full of holes.

To a certain extent, the customs and commercial nonsense was evident; even premier Theresa May has been forced to let go of the supposed lifeline of a commercial agreement with the United States. And returning to the sad reality of having to return to negotiations with Europe in a position of extreme internal and external weakness, and with few options other than giving in to Brussels, May has opted for a Brexit without Brexit strategy.

What does the British premier mean by “Brexit without Brexit?”

Exactly that, because the expression authentically summarizes the latest occurrence of the British government. First of all, we should start by defining exactly what Brexit is, which is no small freat. This point will seem clear to some, but the truth is that even the British themselves do not know exactly what Brexit is.

With Brexit In Name Only, or BRINO, May intends to avoid the Irish hard border and save the British industry, and aims to achieve this by making the UK stay within the European customs union, as well as within the single market for agricultural products and goods.

With the absurd BRINO, London would meet with the Kafkaesque situation that it should continue to abide by the rules of the European Union in this regard, but without having any power of decision.

And after this unique proposal, apart from the logical internal resistance of the most staunch Brexiteers, May has also hit the European wall again. Brussels has received the new political maneuver of Downing Street with coldness and skepticism, basically telling May that she cannot choose what she wants from the EU and what she doesn’t.

For Brussels, the four European freedoms go in a unique and indivisible pack: the free movement of people, the free circulation of goods, the free circulation of capital and the free circulation of services.

The crux of the matter is that, in the heat of Brexit, many opportunistic politicians boarded the train to millions of passengers rushed to an idyllic and illusory El Dorado. Although the train is standing on the platform, has no motor machine, or a real destination, the fact is that passengers now refuse to leave their seat without being delivered their promised dream come true.

The problem is that the situation could overflow with violent riots in the streets at any moment.

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