Scroll no further since this is new blog “My Financial Wisdom” where I hope to share with all what I and others have learned about personal finance, business finance, taxes, and ways to growth wealth throughout my life.  I have accumulated not just wealth, but wisdom that can help you or others.  The least it can do is help you realize that you should stick to your plan or to seek other advice.  Talking about it will help you understand it a bit better and be able to clear you mind and find your desired path.  To say my first cliche, “this isn’t a get rich quick scheme” but more of a get rich someday by sticking the course and knowing what paths to take when provided the opportunity.

I am no professional and if you are looking for professional advice, please move on and find a lawyer, tax accountant or maybe a Certified Financial Planner to give you proper advice.

Now please feel free to contact me or commenting on any of my posts.  Follow or share any of my posts on Twitter @MyMoneyWisdom and/or email me at george@myfinancialwisdom.com.  I am always interested in what others have to say.

Let’s get down to business!




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